About Frick & Hammons

Michael Frick and Kyle Hammons launched Frick & Hammons Farm & Studio in early 2020. Our first of a variety of hand-made products are a delicious mead wine made with desert wildflower honey; natural soaps made with olive, coconut and other nourishing vegan oils; photo prints of beautiful desert landscapes; and inspiring quotations in the forms of books, postcards and posters compiled from our continually touring national public art project, Dialogue.

Our Farm & Studio is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains with a second studio in Palm Springs, CA.  Our mission is to create inspiring art and natural/sustainable products that enrich the daily lives of our patrons.  This is our creative vehicle to advance happiness, fulfillment, well-being and harmony.

Kyle Hammons has lived in countries around the world and brings his unique global perspective to everything he does at the Farm & Studio.  He speaks ten languages, is an accomplished musician/composer and a marathon swimmer.  He is an instinctive, ingenious inventor and creates the prototypes for our products.

Michael Frick graduated from UC Berkeley with honors in rhetoric (yes, that is actually a major, ha!) so he spearheads the Farm & Studio's marketing, graphics/design and overall business direction.  He is also a marathon swimmer, artist, landscaper and founded the SPEAKING.com speakers bureau.

Some people think that starting a new business in your 50s is risky, but we are always up for a challenge... and one of the keys to a long and happy life is to continuously learn and evolve. Thank you for supporting us on this new journey...
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Having Fun in Joshua Tree National Park
Enjoying our Palm Springs Yard

Mike in the Palo Verde Trees Blooming in Our Yard