About Dialogue Project

Dialogue is EvolveArts' long-term touring public art installation consisting of ten, 7 X 8 foot free-standing screens covered with thousands of inspiring, insightful quotations from people throughout history. The eighteen main themes addressed are:







Family & Friends












In addition to the quotations, many screens are also adorned with expressive lifecast faces emerging from their surfaces, contributing to a powerful, intimate experience for the viewer. Completing this compelling installation are Jerri, Brio and Guy -- striking life-like statues dressed in hundreds of quotations submitted by viewers.

Anyone can become part of Dialogue's ongoing wisdom project. A table with blank books on it allow viewers to write their own insights for others to read. Selected quotations gleaned from the books -- and submitted at this Web site -- have been published in the third edition Dialogue book and also added to the statues as the project tours so viewers can read what people in previous cities wrote.

There is no attempt to make a particular view prevail in Dialogue. New understanding and appreciation emerge instead. People engage in meaningful conversation and personal reflection to advance the creative process of living. During a dialogue, defensiveness and division dissipate and transform into empathy, fellowship and friendship.

Dialogue intercepts and engages people during their regular routines in order to challenge and inspire viewers to reflect on social issues, gain new personal insights and enjoy public art. Dialogue is installed in busy metropolitan areas such as public squares, parks, tourist attractions and other highly trafficked areas. The screens have reached an audience of over 200,000 people in person and millions more via mass media.

An award winning documentary about creating the project and taking it around the country has been released on DVD after having a limited theatrical release and community screenings.

Dialogue has been created as a public service to:

  • Generate personal inspiration and reflection
  • Enliven our public spaces
  • Promote literacy and education awareness
  • Create new avenues and audiences for public art
  • Provide the mass media with a positive, inspirational story
  • Help advance communication between people of diverse backgrounds
  • Spark meaningful, deep conversations among viewers