Creating Dialogue

The Dialogue Project contains many moving parts, including: screen production, lifecasting, promotion and outreach.  Here are three insights into the production process... creating the quote figures, facecasting and doing the poster / documentary photoshoot.


Dialogue Project includes three figures covered in quotes:  Jerri, Guy and Brio.  Here are some photos of Mike and Lex covering the figures with quotes.


Many of the Dialogue Project screens feature lifecast faces emerging from their surfaces.  Here is a short video of the lifecasting / facecasting process to create these faces...
And, here are some photos of the process ...
First an alginate mold layer is applied to the face... messy process, but the model can breathe through their nose, yikes!  :-)
Then a plaster outer "mother mold" is applied on the outside of the alginate to keep the mold rigid.
The mold is removed from the models face and this is what the inside of the mold looks like.
Plaster is then poured into the mold to create a 3-D cast of the face.  We'll then use this face cast to create another latex mold to pour the final facecast made liquid fiberglass that will appear on the Dialogue Project screens.


The introductory scene for the documentary is a photo shoot with renowned photographer Philip Chudy for one of Dialogue's tour posters and press kit. To see the final poster, please click here.

Thank you Philip! And also thank you to our wonderful, patient models: Sam Harris, Jennifer Kano, Zachary Bucher, Dean Atchison, Inna Fedoseyeva, Claire Hamady, Jessica Beckett, Todd Aghazadeh and John Lum. Here are some pictures taken during the photo shoot below.