The Dialogue National Tour in Salt Lake City, UT

Bart, at the Gallivan Center, has extended a warm reception for our installation in Salt Lake City. So, thankfully Bret held the course and set-up Dialogue by himself...

After Denver, Salt Lake City was going to be our last city on the national tour. Blake, Sally and I were simply exhausted on our arrival into Salt Lake City. We were in striking distance of home and the pull after 2 months on the road was too great. We decided to head home a couple of days before our installation was to take place in Salt Lake City. But, Bret, unbeknownst to us, had left for Moab that day and was unreachable. So I wrote him a note and told him to meet us in Reno. But, Bret decided to stay the course and set-up by himself anyway... Thank you Bret!

Bret said there were a lot of people around lunchtime, but quiet most of the day. It was very hot and most people were indoors... but many people loved seeing Shell Truck up on the Plaza too, he said. It was so hot, in fact, that when I unpacked the Dialogue screens from the truck yesterday, some of the quotations' ink had melted onto other parts of the screens. I'll fix that later.

It's great to be home after a long tour of the United States. I'm going to take a two week nap now!

Sally's Journal

Salt Lake City: Blake likes it. Bret's noncommittal. Mike isn't impressed. It's definitely not my favorite. We get into our rooms, very expensively appointed, and I feel really quite pampered. Mike is not enthusiastic about setting up.

We head to the spot we're permitted for, and find our ears blown out by a rock concert going on: 70's music, no less. Uh, right. Have I gone into retrograde? With Brian behind the camera, I finally but reluctantly convince Mike to go ahead with Dialogue Project as scheduled day after tomorrow, then just "see".

Fine. Back in our plush digs, we freshen up and all go to dinner--at a brewery with really good food and do a group recap of the tour highlights. It's great talking together. Usually we split and go our own way.

Next morning is open. Bret heads out in Shell Truck, I know not where. Later on, I stumble across Blake who says Mike's decided he's done (which he had said in Denver a couple days ago), and we're heading home---but I have an hour or two.

I hike to the Mormon Temple. The tall, thick walls enclosing it make the temple a fortress. Aren't churches supposed to openly welcome people? Those walls say a lot.

Back in my room, Mike shows up and says, "We're out of here." I'm ready. After Blake and Mike tried repeatedly to get Bret by their only means, the walkie-talkie, Mike writes Bret a note and leaves him a credit card, along with my cell phone, and we're off.

I'm worried about leaving Bret and how he will interpret that, but I finally just let go and enjoy a beautiful day with two of my favorite people and one darned adorable diminutive Dachsie onboard... heading home.


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