The Dialogue National Tour in Santa Fe, NM

Our experience today in Santa Fe couldn't have been better! Even though there had been fierce winds the past few days, today was beautiful and calm. We received tremendous support... everyone from the Mayor to the head of cultural affairs came down to meet us.

We even had the honor of meeting one of the individuals I quoted on the Creativity Panel, Mary Lou Cook! Her quotation: "Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."

Hundreds of people browsed the screens throughout the day. We captured some amazing footage and heartfelt interviews for the documentary. We are going to return for the Santa Fe Film Festival in November 2007... thank you for the warm welcome Santa Fe!

The local media gave us some good coverage too:

Sally's Journal

The Santa Feans remind me of the fabled, now-extinct Etruscan civilization: peaceful, cross-pollinating and evolved artisans.

As I sat behind our table in the installation, so many indelible people came up. The wiry, razor-edged old Santa Fe Mestiza with the bronzed, tooled leather face, spitting mad over Santa Fe's real "immigrant" problem: "Those damn Texans who come only to buy up everything and build their dumb Mcmansions on, then send the police after we who founded the damn town if we just wash our damn car!"

And my all-time favorite, Mary Ann Cook, an octogenarian of the luminous kind. Her quote, though but one out of the thousands Mike wrote on the screens, brought us to her, alive and face to face, transported to materialize at her home for a visit and singular sharing. Everything that happened at this house is imprinted in my heart forever. Like when she told us, "You four are perfect for this."

We feel relaxed and energized as we headed from Santa Fe to Memphis...