Desert Rain Soap (Pack of 3 Bars)
Desert Rain Soap (Pack of 3 Bars)

Desert Rain Soap (Pack of 3 Bars)

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Our soaps are sold in packs of three bars to make shipping more economical for our online customers.  Bars are normally $8 each but we discount three bars for $21.

These generous 6-ounce bars are made with the saponified oils of: Olive, Coconut and Castor with vitamin E, blue mica and a special blend of essential oils.  We never use artificial fragrance oils (which are found in almost all commercial bar and liquid soaps); we only use natural essential oils derived from plants via distillation or cold pressing.

This bar has a fresh scent that reminds us of the clean, wild desert after a summer thunderstorm.

Using a traditional cold-process method allows our soaps to retain the natural ingredients' moisturizing glycerin and each bar cures for at least 4 weeks.  

Through extensive research, we have developed the perfect base formula to suit all ages and all skin types. Our bars are made with the highest quality natural oils & butters to create a rich & creamy, ultra-moisturizing lather.  All our soaps provide a deep, refreshing clean without the use of harsh chemicals or preservatives. 

Our colorings are all earth based: micas, herbs, spices and clays.  We use no dyes or artificial fragrance additives... only indigenous essential oils. 

Short Video of Kyle Making Our Soaps


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