Bottling Our First Sparkling Mead

We couldn't have asked for a more auspicious day for bottling. A few puffy white clouds in an otherwise blue sky, perfect weather on a beautiful morning... it was gearing up to be the kind of day when our bee friends would be out collecting tons of pollen for their honey. And if the bees are happy, we humans tend to be happy too!
After months in the vat, we finally get to taste the final product before it goes into the bottles. In short, the mead is perfect: It is everything we were hoping for - probably even better. It is crisp, clean and refreshing with hardly any hint of yeast, perfectly sweet even though the sugar content is practically zero.
It was a pretty long day, and bottling is one of those processes that is best finished once started, so we were grateful for all of the help. Everything went without a hitch and the only thing left is to wait for all of the bottles got labelled and cased. Then we can finally prepare for the official release party!

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