Review of Our Mead from the Coachella Valley Beer Scene

Thank you Andrew Smith from the Coachella Valley Beer Scene for this wonderful review of our mead!

Tasting Notes 

Desert Blossom Mead is served in a clear 750ml bottle, with original hand-drawn artwork signed by co-owner Kyle Hammons. The Mead pours a vibrant, clear, straw-like color, with hints of golden hue. There’s definitely honey in the aroma, but it’s very subtle and enticing adding notes of flowers and desert agriculture. It’s very inviting, reminiscent of a day in the local valley countryside.  

The body is very mild and approachable, slipping across the palate with a touch of silkiness, while the carbonation is very lightly done – think of it as a prosecco rather than champagne in mouthfeel. The honey is sweet at first, turning crisp and dry at the end, while there’s a lot of green apple crispness, sweet citrus and even a little apricot and tropical honeydew. I’m even getting a little floral desert herb, maybe something like white sage. 


This is terrific. There’s a nice subtle complexity of flavors. Obviously, there’s honey but it doesn’t dominate as you might presume. Rather, it’s balanced between an underlying sweetness and a dryness in the finish. The mixture of tropical fruit flavors, floral herbs, and the light palate make this an exquisite showcase of flavor with an addictively easy drinkability. Such drinkability might lead you to forget that this is 12.5% ABV. 

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